What is the killswitch feature on the most popular VPN services these days? Read all about it here!

The Kill Switch feature does not come with all VPN services available for commercial use. All reliable VPN service providers include the Kill Switch feature in their applications; in fact, it is one of the important factors that ensure VPN services receive a positive rating.

To answer the question about the need for VPN Kill Switches, they are needed as a foolproof solution to the consequences of a VPN suddenly disconnecting from the remote server. The VPN app is practically useless without the connection to the remote server. Thus, losing the connection to the VPN server has the same implication as not having a VPN app in the first place. The Kill Switch is therefore necessary for the same reasons that the nordvpn ดีไหม itself is necessary.

Here are some scenarios’s that can lead to a possible disconnection of the VPN connection: 

  1. Old software

Disregard for installing security patches and software updates for the VPN application, or even device drivers’s, can occasionally cause the VPN connection to time out.

  1. Weak signal strength or load in network traffic

Devices with Internet access repeatedly ping their network counterparts’s to determine the consistency of bi-directional packet transmission. But when communications time out – lack active feedback, resources that depend on the network connection go offline and lose their capabilities.

Low or unstable Wi-Fi signals or a fast but busy Internet connection can cause installed VPN’s to disconnect from the remote server. The fantastic thing about such disconnections is: users of VPN services without a Kill Switch are unlikely to be aware of such disconnections, as such connections are usually restored automatically. Users of VPN’s without the Kill Switch feature may put their privacy at risk without realizing it das Sie der Besten VPN TOP 10 @ Globalwatchonline.de sehen.

  1. Local security conflicts

Programs’s that provide local security on devices – such as firewall, antivirus and antispyware – may confuse the VPN application with malicious software.

These security programs’s may automatically disable the VPN service if standard permissions were granted for it in the first place. Such a conflict can be corrected by including the installed VPN in the list of applications that are exempted from censorship by the local security program’s like NordVPN Ukraine.