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This will become apparent again this year, and the expectations of health insurance 2021 are that, with the disappearance of this discount, more consumers will start to compare their health insurance. So put the date in your diary now if you have such a policy in your possession, it can sometimes really save hundreds of euros in costs if you list all the basic insurances. We don’t say for nothing, make sure the policy is in line with your current lifestyle!

The announcement of the costs of these policies is expected to start on 22 September, as healthcare insurer DSW traditionally always shows its healthcare premium one week after Prinsjesdag. The health insurers then still have until mid-November to show the final price to their customers. Where we always see that the price fighters will announce this at the last minute. Here too, subscribe to the newsletter so as not to miss out on anything and to have insurance that suits you in 2021.